Founded in 2001, Chengdu Huilingfeng Diamond Bit Co., Ltd. (hereafter abbreviated as HLF Co.,) has a history of over 17 years now. Since then, HLF has been dedicated to the development, design, manufacture, marketing and sales of PDC bits and diamond bits. HLF not only possesses a strong technical and production team, equipped with specialized equipment for matrix body/steel body PDC bits and diamond bits, it is now grown up to be one of the strongest company in technology development and innovation in China. The three new series of bits, including the Conventional Series, Quik-Pen Series, and Tough-Pen Series PDC bits have been developed in recent years to meet the fast development of worldwide drilling demands and the requirements of local and foreign customers.These bits proved to be successful in different oilfields with various lithology formations, receiving good drilling results and appreciation from customers and end users at home and abroad.


  • To meet customer requirement and to expand and improve the range of types and sizes of PDC drill bits, HLF has successfully developed and produced 26" Steel Body Drill Bit and 17-1/2" Matrix Body Drill Bit.


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